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Assistent coaches & counselors

During the camp weeks every Head Hockey Coach will be accompanied by at least one AssistanT Coach. Several guest Assistant Coaches will also be present during the camp days. Every group will have at least three Counselors during the entire camp week. They will be supported by a Head Counselor.

And like with every camp, volunteers who love the sport will be at work too.

Assistant coaches

Mordy Munichman
Mitch Koumans
Britt Wortel
Amy-Lynn Moors

Guest Coaches

Myrthe Martens
Patrick Noblesse


Amy-Lynn Moors
Britt Wortel
Chris van Grinsven
Quentin Bollen
Julian Markgraaf
Rolan Loos
Abigail Liska
Amy Keijzers
Nick Gardeniers
Kolton Dunwoody
Bas van Dalen
Mitch Koumans
Kim Voncken
Stevie van Onna
Brett Michiels