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Eddy was born in Rochester, Minnesota in the United States. He started playing hockey when he was 4 years old. From that day on, hockey has become part of his life. After his playing career he wanted to pass on to others what had given him so much. He profoundly believes that hockey players – like players in other team sports – develop strong character traits. That playing in a team teaches players many life lessons. Playing in a team is about dealing with setbacks, learning from mistakes and knowing how to win. Which is exactly what happens in real life.

Eddy’s main focus is on what is best for the athlete; building a good player and what is definitely just as important, building a good human being. During his hockey life Eddy has learned that there are only two things you can control: your effort and your attitude. These will open up the road to success for you. He teaches players to concentrate on their participation and attitude. He believes in positive feedback because negativity will only block you and others.

In his own concluding words: Do the right things, even if no one is watching.